Revolutionize Your Journaling with AI-Powered Elegance

Step into a world where your journal entries are rewritten in the prose of literary legends, and imagine holding these treasured memories in your hands as a beautifully bound hard copy book.

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Key Features of Reflectary Where Tradition Meets Innovation

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AI-Powered Journal Entries and Storytelling

Transform your daily experiences and reflections into elegant journal entries, crafted in the style of famed authors by our advanced AI algorithms.

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Voice-to-Text Narration

Effortlessly dictate your day-to-day stories with our intuitive voice-to-text feature, making journaling as easy as speaking your thoughts.

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Personalized Writing Styles

Select from a diverse range of author styles during onboarding to personalize how your journal entries are composed, reflecting your unique preferences.

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Editable Entries

Maintain authenticity with the ability to edit AI-generated entries, ensuring your journal always remains a true reflection of your experiences.

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AI-Crafted Cover Art

Elevate your journal entries with unique, AI-generated cover images that visually capture the essence of your stories.

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Secure and Private

Your journal's privacy is paramount. Keep your entries secure with options for Face ID or password protection, ensuring peace of mind.

Personalized Journaling Experience

Tailor your diary with a selection of writing styles from famous authors, making each entry uniquely yours. The AI-powered story ensures your journal not only reflects your thoughts but does so with a touch of literary elegance.

Time-Efficient and Convenient

Reflectary is perfect for busy lifestyles. Whether you prefer speaking your thoughts or typing them out, our app simplifies the process. With voice-to-text functionality and quick text entry, maintaining a regular journaling habit has never been easier.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

Your personal reflections are safeguarded with the utmost security. Choose between Face ID or password protection to keep your journal entries private and secure, giving you peace of mind.

Creative and Emotional Engagement

Each journal entry is transformed into a visually engaging story with AI-crafted cover art, making your diary visually captivating and emotionally resonant. It's not just a journal; it's a gallery of your life's stories.


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  • All the benefits of the yearly plan, on a flexible monthly basis.
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